Nourish yourself,

Flourish your farmers,

Lets OrgFarm!

OrgFarm will be Delivering your organic products from 8AM to 6PM, Amidst the lockdown. Safety and Hygiene guaranteed!

OrgFarm’s mission to deliver fresh organic produce direct from farm to home has been successful only because of You and our customers who had been our all-time supporters.

The entire humanity is now struggling through difficult times due to COVID19 but your trust and confidence on us has grown manifold.

We at OrgFarm would like to acknowledge and appreciate the patronage you shown on us and it motivates to serve you better.

These difficult times wont stop us from prioritising our customer's needs but due to the sudden surge in the number of orders along with newer government restrictions on working hours and transportation, you may witness a delay in the delivery of your order.

We regret for the unavoidable inconvenience and request your understanding as our employees are on the battlefield like frontline warriors still trying to serve your needs better!


OrgFarm processes your order for organic vegetables and fruits.


Harvesting is done based on the number of orders received.


Cleaning and Sorting done by OrgFarm with high hygienic standards.


Organic vegetables and fruits reach your kitchen within 18-24 hours after harvesting.