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About Us

Healthy value chain from farmer to the customer

About the Company

OrgFarm symbolizes genuine Organic food. And Organic Food is synonymous with health and happiness. Organic food isn’t just about better flavor and nutrition, it is reducing the harm to human health and to be in harmony with nature. It is not only about good health but about contributing to a food cycle that cares for people and the environment. OrgFarm's healthy value chain from farmer to you, the consumer, is done by dedicatedly crafting an ecologically safe and secure food system.



Highest quality is the hallmark of OrgFarm, and it yearns to be a quality yardstick that competitors strive for and customers love. The hard work of the employees in every venture that OrgFarm signs up for, has a stamp of commitment and quality.




In its endeavour to promote a value-based supply chain of genuine high-quality organic food, OrgFarm is flexible and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company to have high respect for the customer and societal expectations, as well.

Teamwork and inclusive growth remain key elements of OrgFarm’s internal system.

Fostering an atmosphere of respect, dignity and empowerment for all employees.

Seeking and sharing all data essential and appropriate to the company’s vision in a transparent manner.


Optimum utilization of professional and skilled potential through training programs in a sustainable way.


At OrgFarm, the resource potential is optimally utilized by ensuring non-wastage of produce, energy, and manpower.


Optimum utilization of market potential to serve a wider and healthier market.


OrgFarm processes your order for organic vegetables and fruits.


Harvesting is done based on the number of orders received.


Cleaning and Sorting done by OrgFarm with high hygienic standards.


Organic vegetables and fruits reach your kitchen within 18-24 hours after harvesting.